How Did Ant Anstead Hurt His Arm?

Why did Mike Brewer and Edd China fall out?

There has been a lot of drama between these two since Edd China and Mike Brewer, hosts of Wheeler Dealers, decided to part ways two months ago.

China left due to a disagreement in the show’s direction..

What is Edd China doing nowadays?

As of now, Edd doesn’t appear to be working on any major TV or YouTube projects, though he does still upload videos on his personal YouTube channel and maintains a somewhat active Instagram account.

Is Edd China back on wheeler dealers?

Well apart from creating a pilot episode of Edd China’s Garage Revival and working on a new series called Built by Many, China is also back on a YouTube channel you’d least expect. … He’s on Wheeler Dealers.

What happened to Wheeler Dealers Ant Anstead?

Ant Anstead has ended a big part of his professional life. The 41-year-old British TV host announced on Instagram on Monday that he’ll no longer be hosting the car show, Wheelers Dealers. … News of Ant’s exit comes after his split from wife Christina Anstead earlier this year.

Is Ant Anstead a real mechanic?

Anthony Richard Anstead (born 28 March 1979) is an English television presenter, motor specialist, car builder, designer and artist, best known for co-presenting the Channel 4 automotive show For the Love of Cars with Philip Glenister.

Is Ant Anstead still on Wheeler Dealers 2020?

On Monday, Ant Anstead took to Instagram to make a big announcement. After three seasons, the charming mechanic would be leaving the cast of Wheelers Dealers. In his post, Anstead explained that the show would be heading back to the United Kingdom for season 17.

Is Edd China married?

Imogen ChinaEdd China/Spouse

Did wheeler dealers get Cancelled?

Wheeler Dealers is currently part-way through its 16th series, which will be the last to feature Anstead full time. Series 17, with the new format, will kick off during autumn 2021.

What is Christina El Moussa’s net worth?

How much is Christina Anstead Worth? Christina Anstead Net Worth and Salary: Christina Anstead, formerly known as Christina El Moussa, is an American real estate investor and television personality who has a net worth of $12 million. She was born Christina Haack in Anaheim, California on July 9 1983.

Where does Mike Brewer sell his cars?

Still a car trader at heart, Mike recently has opened Mike Brewer Motors dealerships in Luton and Sheffield along with his wife Michelle.

Are ed China and Mike Brewer still friends?

In the same video, China also talked about his relationship with Brewer, saying that they remain friends but things have certainly changed between them after China’s departure. … Hopefully China should convince the fans of the show to stop the abuse on Brewer and his family, and instead just move on with their lives.

How much is Mike Brewer worth?

Mike Brewer net worth: Mike Brewer is a British television presenter, who has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. Mike Brewer was born in Lambeth, London, and began his professional career as a car trader.

How much is Ant Anstead worth?

Ant Anstead net worth: Ant Anstead is an English television presenter, car builder, designer, and artist who has a net worth of $5 million.

What height is Edd China?

2.01 mEdd China/Height

Is Edd China a real mechanic?

Edd China with the “Casual Lofa” at SEMA 2019. Edward John China (born 9 May 1971) is an English television presenter, mechanic, motor specialist and inventor, best known as being presenter and mechanic on Discovery Channel’s television show Wheeler Dealers.

Why does Edd China wear long sleeves?

The answer to staying warm while in a mechanics coverall is multiple, thin layers. A t-shirt over a longsleeved t-shirt keeps your core warmer and allows you to quickly strip off the top of your coverall and the t-shirt if you’re getting too hot. The baggy pants operate in much the same way.

Who is the richest HGTV star?

When it comes to the richest HGTV stars, that would be Jonathan and Drew Scott with their $200 million net worth. According to The List, the hosts of Property Brothers have more money than Mike Holmes, whose net worth is $30 million, and Chip and Joanna Gaines, who has $20 million in the bank.

How old is Imogen China?

47 years oldAccording to Imogen China wiki, she was born in the year 1971. At present, Imogen China age is 47 years old and her birthday is yet not reveled .

Are the buyers on Wheeler Dealers real?

Most of the buyers,are friends etc. Ed gets plenty of help,it’s not a one man garage by any means.