Question: How Do Mickey And Eddie Die In Blood Brothers?

Who killed Eddie in Blood Brothers?

Mickey despairs that he was not the one given away, because then he could have had the life given to Eddie.

Mickey, distraught, gestures carelessly with the gun towards Eddie.

The gun goes off killing Eddie, with the police then shooting and killing Mickey..

Why does Blood Brothers start by revealing the ending?

Conclusion: While the opening initially seems to give a sense of the inevitability of Mickey and Edward’s deaths, revealing the ending to us means that the audience focuses on what leads to the tragic end and examines the factors involved, such as social class and violence.

What does Mrs Johnstone represent in Blood Brothers?

The biological mother of Mickey and Edward (as well as a horde of other children, including Sammy and Donna Marie), Mrs. Johnstone is a deeply superstitious woman who is forever scrambling to get by, but has a good heart and a strong sense of right and wrong.

Is Blood Brothers a tragedy?

The tragedy of ”Blood Brothers” was written by Will Russell In 1986. … As the play is a tragedy, it has certain conventions: it has an unhappy ending (involving death), there are often ironic twists, fate, superstition, the supernatural and omens all contribute to the story.

What age is Blood Brothers suitable for?

Special notice: Blood Brothers contains moderate adult language and scenes of a violent nature, therefore it is not suitable for young children. Accompanied youths aged 12 and up are welcome to see the show.

Why does Mickey lose his job?

Mickey and Linda get married after Linda falls pregnant. Immediately afterwards, like many others, Mickey loses his job (in the song Take a Letter, Miss Jones, sung by Mr Lyons) at the factory as a sign of the times .

Where does Sammy hide the gun in Blood Brothers?

Linda arrives and Sammy hides his gun under a floorboard. When two policemen come to Mickey’s house, Sammy runs out of the back door and is caught. Both he and Mickey are sent to prison. Mickey is prescribed pills for depression while in prison.

How is violence presented in Bloodbrothers?

Violence, in forms both innocent and deadly, shows up over and over again in Blood Brothers. … By weaving violence into so many moments of his narrative, he essentially allows the audience to become used to it—and then he depicts a shocking, brutal act of violence in the final moments of his play.

What happens to Mickey in Blood Brothers?

He leaves school in order to get a job and then has to support his new wife Linda after she falls pregnant. He is only 18 when he loses his job, leaving him in a desperate situation. This means he becomes resentful at a young age, which Edward is unable to understand.

Why does Mickey shoots Eddie in Blood Brothers?

Mrs Johnstone finds them and tells them that they are brothers. Mickey can’t believe that he could have had the privileged upbringing that Eddie had, saying “I could have been him.” He shoots Eddie and is then shot by the police.

What is Edward like in Blood Brothers?

Edward is a warm and kind boy, who enjoys interacting with other children. When he meets Mickey at the age of seven, he is excited by his new friend’s rebelliousness. He is drawn to Mrs Johnstone, who is very different to his own mother. As a teenager, Edward is a loyal friend.

How do the blood brothers died?

This revelation completely unhinges Mickey, however, as he realizes that he could be the one living Edward’s life. As he gesticulates wildly with the gun, he accidentally shoots and kills his twin, and is immediately shot and killed by the police in turn.

What is the purpose of blood brothers?

The songs in Blood Brothers are used for different purposes: they can reveal more information about characters’ thoughts and feelings; they can remind the audience of key ideas and themes; they can create mood and atmosphere; and they can further the plot and explain parts of the storyline.